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PostSubject: ||-----RULES-----||   Wed Feb 22, 2012 8:57 pm

---Please read all of the rules below---

- Breaking any of the following rules may result in: Being perminantly banned from the server, temporarily banned from the server, kicked from the server, or being demoted (if possible). Punishment for breaking one or more of these rules will depend on the severity of the offence or offences, previous offences, and your maturity about it.-

- If you have been banned and wish to be unbanned, post a topic in the Appeals section of the forum. Be sure to use the appeal template! Lying about not breaking a rule will only hurt your chances of being unbanned-

---Rule 1 - Regarding hacks and modifications---
- The use of any hacks, modifications, or clients that give a player an advantage over another player is not allowed. This includes the use of X-Ray, fly mods, speed mods, and more. If you are unsure if a specific modification is allowed or not, ask a Crew member or post a thread on the forum in the appropriate place.
- The use of X-Ray modifications includes the use of transparent or X-Ray texture packs.

--Rule 2 - Regarding griefing---
- Griefing (destroying or editing another players' blocks without permission from the player) is not allowed.
- Destroying the area around a players build is illegal.

---Rule 3 - Regarding Theft---
- Theft from an unlocked chest IS allowed, so long as rules are not broken to gain access to an unlocked chest (griefing, hacking, or trespassing via donator powers).

---Rule 4 - Regarding PVP---
- PVP is allowed, so long as all other rules are followed.
- It is illegal to push a player out of a safezone (includes placing water that would push them out.
- It is illegal to camp a players home, structure, or private warp location and excessively kill them.

---Rule 5 - Regarding power abuse---
- Using any donator perks or permissions for PVP or trespassing is not allowed.
- You may use donator privilidges in order to escape a PVP situation.
- It is illegal to kill, or steal from a player after you have teleported to (unless they give you permission).
- If you teleport to another player, you must leave upon their request.
- If you do not leave, you may be given a temp ban.

---Rule 6 - Regarding player abuse---
- Excessive insulting of players is not allowed if they ask you to stop.
- Racism is not allowed (this includes negating any race of people or any religion).
- Please try to keep arguements out of the main chat (Use /msg (player) until the arguement is resolved).
- Try to treat others with general respect.
- If I feel that you are causing heartache to others, I have the right to ban you from my server.

---Rule 7 - Regarding camping---
- It is illegal to camp outside of the spawn for PVP.
- It is illegal to camp a persons /home, /pw or structure for PVP. You MUST leave if they ask you to leave.

---Miscellaneous Rules:
- Do not leave floating tree crowns.
- Do not scam other players.
- Do not advertise.
- Try not to build extrememly close to another player, unless the other player is aware and ok with this.
- *Do not kill another players' animals for the sole intent of causing the player annoyance or harm*.
- If you are setting a home point or private warp in another players' area or home, you must have explict permission from them to do so.

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